Solahart Sun Heat Series

Solahart Sunheat Series is an Australian designed solar water heater specifially developed to provide hot water free fromthe sun in medium to high solar gain areas.

The black polyester powder-coated aluminium bsorbercollects the sun’s heat and transfers it to the water in the copper risers.

The increase in temperature causes the water to rise and move into the storage tank where it displaces cooler water.

This cooler water then travels back into the solar collectors to be heated by the sun. The tank features Solahart Super-Shield™ enamel for enhanced protection, as well as a protective sacrifiial anode to improve the life of the tank.

The Sunheat Series also utilises Solahart flt plate collector technology. This results in extra-strong glass that is resistant to breaking. Flat plate collectors provide a stronger, safer application when installed on your roof and give greater durability and sustainability than evacuated tubes.